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Photo Book Story

What can you do with a photo?

Digitize Old Photos

Written By: Darcy - Nov• 19•12

There are three ways you can digitize your old photos. I did this for my grandmother in order to preserve and share her treasure.

1. Buy a scanner and scan each photo. Scan each photo at least at 300 dpi. Much more and performance degrades because the file is so large. My husband told me his copier at work will scan a photo and email it to him.

Scan Old Photos to Share Them

2. Use a (nice) digital camera to take a photo of the photograph. This really does work well, but you have to test this out first. Use natural light only, if you use a flash you will get a glare. The best days are overcast, cloudy days, or at noon. Find a spot where a lot of light comes into the room. Setup a tripod (not in the glare of the sun) as high as it will go and steady the camera pointing down at the floor. Use a black mat to put the photo on.  Set the camera to fine. Zoom in on the photo framing it appropriately. Take a couple of pictures and see how they turn out by viewing them on your computer. Make the necessary adjustments in the settings. I had friend who digitized all their old photos doing this, and it worked great.

3. There may be services in your area that will scan old photographs for a fee such as with Costco or Sam’s club.

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