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Photo Book Story

What can you do with a photo?


Written By: Darcy

Today’s Photos are Tomorrow’s History

Kids LOVE photo books!

Photos are worth a 1000 words!! Here you will find some great ideas about telling your story with photos. Look around for different ideas on this site.

One way to tell a story with photos is thru a photo book. These make wonderful family history books. Did I say family history? Yes! Your family history!! You may not think about writing your family history with your photos, but with your photos and some journaling, you can make and write an easy, beautiful photo book. Easy? Yes, absolutely!

Why photo books? Photo books…

  • make wonderful unique gifts. They are perfect for the person who has “everything”.
  • are loved by children, they will read their books over and over.
  • make wonderful Family History books of ancestors.
  • are not expensive compared to scrap booking.
  • can be made with FREE software! I have listed these vendors here, you only pay for what you buy.
  • can be made in a day or less.
  • are easily customizable and shared.
  • can be archival quality.

I have made several photo books, pretty much since they were first offered several years ago. On this web site I offer my experience and advice when making a photo books. I have certain vendors that I love using so I have listed them here under “My Favorite Publishers”. I have seen this service explode with new vendors all the time. If you find one that isn’t listed here, let me know!