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Photo Book Story

What can you do with a photo?

Free Shutterfly Book!

Written By: Darcy - Sep• 04•14

Start making your photo books! This is a FREE book!

Shutterfly is offering a free 8X8 photo book to all customers! This offer is valid from 9/4/2014 to 9/11/2014. Use the promo code BOOK4FREE. One book per customer. You may add additional pages, features, or upgrade to a larger book for an additional cost.


Photo books are the new way to cherish and preserve your memories. Whether it’s a gorgeous wedding photo album, a new baby memory book, fun-filled school yearbooks, an adventurous travel photo album, or a personalized children’s book, Shutterfly has a professionally bound photo book that’s perfect for you. Our one-of-a-kind, high-quality custom photo books make wonderful gifts for special occasions, but they’re also a great way to keep your favorite memories close, and provide a great option for digital scrap booking.

Choose from five different sizes and a variety of cover options and unique backgrounds, then fill the pages with your story. Make your memory book, unique with your own title and favorite photo on the cover or select from premium leather options. Looking for inspiration? Try creating a custom recipe book, a portfolio book of children’s art, a seasonal photo album, a birthday book for kids, or a school memory book for teens.

Want a new way to make photo books? Try Photo Story for iPad, a new photo book app that lets you make photo albums right from your iPad.



Shutterfly – whats new?

Written By: Darcy - Sep• 03•14

ShutterflyHere are some things I didn’t know about Shutterfly. They have tons of different options now, not just photos and photo books. They have a new service called “This Life” where they will organize and store your photos and videos. They advertise that it will gather your photos and videos from your phone, pc, or tablet and store them for you. You can upload them from Facebook, Instagram, and more. You can then access your photos and videos from any device. So if you take a photo with your phone, then you can access it later with your tablet. The free plan allows for 2500 photos but no video. The Premium plan is on sale now for $139 per year and includes a free 12×12 photo book, 100,000 photos and HD video.

The Design Studio at Shutterfly gives you different ideas for Home Decor, everything from paintings, to pillows, to coasters on the table. These are all made at Shutterfly of course. They have some really cute ideas for projects to make such as a headboard for you bed, or a glass table for your family room.

Share sites on Shutterfly aren’t new, but I’m not sure how much people know about them. I created one for my son’s football team. We tracked their games and uploaded photos from the game for all to share.

Lastly, there are new apps for your phone and tablet made by Shutterfly. These make uploading photos and creating photo projects easy.

Digitize Old Photos

Written By: Darcy - Nov• 19•12

There are three ways you can digitize your old photos. I did this for my grandmother in order to preserve and share her treasure.

1. Buy a scanner and scan each photo. Scan each photo at least at 300 dpi. Much more and performance degrades because the file is so large. My husband told me his copier at work will scan a photo and email it to him.

Scan Old Photos to Share Them

2. Use a (nice) digital camera to take a photo of the photograph. This really does work well, but you have to test this out first. Use natural light only, if you use a flash you will get a glare. The best days are overcast, cloudy days, or at noon. Find a spot where a lot of light comes into the room. Setup a tripod (not in the glare of the sun) as high as it will go and steady the camera pointing down at the floor. Use a black mat to put the photo on.  Set the camera to fine. Zoom in on the photo framing it appropriately. Take a couple of pictures and see how they turn out by viewing them on your computer. Make the necessary adjustments in the settings. I had friend who digitized all their old photos doing this, and it worked great.

3. There may be services in your area that will scan old photographs for a fee such as with Costco or Sam’s club.